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Joe Keller is alleged to have supplied World War II fighter planes with defective engines, leading to the deaths of innocent pilots - a crime for which his business partner took the fall.  One of Keller's sons, himself a pilot, is thought to have been killed in action.  His mother can't accept his death and equally can't accept that her dead son's fiancée has transferred her affections to her other son.  The confrontations that ensue lead to the uncovering of a shameful family secret.

Arthur Miller is rightly regarded as one of America's greatest playwrights with his other works including "The Crucible" and the Pulitzer prize winning "Death of a Salesman". All My Sons, written in 1946 won Miller a Tony award for best author.

The show ran from Thursday 24th – Saturday 26th September 2009 at The Kingsland Hall, United Reformed Church, East Lane, Wembley HA9 7NN.


Joe Keller ...  Robert Spolander
Kate Keller ...  Janette Hutchinson 
Chris Keller ...  Jason Kosky 
Ann Deever ...  Abby Gardner 
George Deever ... C.J. Mackenzie 
Dr. Jim Baylis ...  Denis O'Brien 
Sue Bayliss ...  Catherine Waters 
Frank Lubey ...  Ian Byrne 
Lydia Lubey ..  Nikki Amory 
Bert ...  Shantel Lee-Tyrassek
Production Credits
Director… Stuart Everett
Stage Manager… Steve Angus
Set Design… Denis O'Brien
Set Construction… Denis O'Brien and The Chameleons
Lighting and Sound… John Jetten
Prompt… Laurence Hutchinson
Properties… Kathryn Priest & The Chameleons
Furniture… Stuart Everett
Costumes… Helens Stevens, Abby Gardner
Production Manager… Robert Spolander
Publicity… Hannah Bain and The Chameleons
Programme… Jane Crowley