Play On

by Rick Abbot

21st-23rd September 2006

Thank you to all our loyal patrons who saw another great Chameleons' play. You can read a NODA report on the play here.

The play

In every generation there comes a truly great play...Murder most foul isn't that play! In fact it only has one thing going for it - it comes free of charge thanks to its erstwhile playwright, Phyllis Montague. The trouble is she's still re-writing it with just days till they open!

A nervous director tries his best to nurse his amateur cast through crisis after crisis. Will they learn their lines in time? Before we know it opening night arrives and with it mishap after mishap. Will they make it to the end of the show and frankly will they care?

Production Details

The show ran from Thursday 21st to Saturday 23rd September 2006 at the Harrow Arts Centre.

The Cast and Crew

The Real Crew
Director - Linda Everett
Assistant Director and Stage Manager- Alex Forni

The Cast (The Motley Crew)
Aggie Manville - a stage manager and prompt - Helen Stevens
Gerry Dunbar - Director - Laurence Hutchinson
Henry Benish (Lord Dudley) - A character actor - Denis O'Brien
Polly Benish (Lady Margaret) - A character actress - Janette Hutchinson
Marla "Smitty" Smith (Doris the maid) - A supporting player - Kathryn Priest
Saul Watson (Doctor Rex Forbes - a villain) - Stuart Everett
Billy Carewe (Stephen Sellers) - a juvenile - Robert Spolander
Violet Imbry (Diana Lassiter) - an Ingenue - Michelle Edwards
Louise Peary - a sound and lighting techie - Helen Downer
Phyllis Montague - a novice playwright - Sally Crowley