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Dandelion, a nice sorceress Hannah Bain
Burdock, her silent sidekick Joan Munday
Peroni, a humble merchant Craig Marshall
Belle, his shy daughter Gemma Holloway
Piccatrina, her unpleasant older sister Arlette Kamellard
Shuffella, her even more unpleasant twin sister Helen Downer
Pesto, Sam's faithful old servant Catherine Waters
Signor Grisini, an evil mayor Robert Spolander
Foosy, his faithful personal assistant Minal Purohit
The Beast, a tortured soul and also Prince Hawthorn, a handsome Prince Stuart Everett
Dave 1, his faithful soldier Daniel Conceprio
Dave 2, his faithful friend Murf
Mrs Baguettini, a cook with a heart Steve Angus
Ravioli, the butler Lauren Sproule
Valpolicella, the Wine Waiter Ginge Anderson

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