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The Chamelons invite you to experience the magic of pantomime as we join Robin Hood and his Merry Men in Sherwood Forest, fighting the evil Sheriff of Nottingham as he enacts his dastardly plans on some innocent Babes.

It's a song and dance spectacular, with lots of humour and a little bit of audience participation thrown in. Make this the first and best show you see in 2006!

About the Chameleons Panto

The Chameleons pride themselves on bringing traditional family entertainment of the highest quality, blending song, dance and laughter and so much more. This year continues our fine tradition. We welcome Sally Crowley as director, and welcome back the incomparable "Auntie" Janette Hutchinson as our resident Musical Director.

The cast

Yankee Doodle Dandee
Maid Marion
The Sheriff of Nottingham
John Little
Robin Hood
Nanny G
Will Scarlett
Friar Tuck
King Richard

Arlette Kamelaard
Michelle Edwards
Robert Spolander
Geoffrey Coad
Donna Dempsey
Stuart Everett
Lucy Cooper
Niall O'Mara
Les Elliot
Helen Downer
Steve Smails
Kathryn Priest
Ginge Anderson
Denis O'Brien
Ben Parker
Linda Everett
Minal Purohit
Joan Munday
Craig Marshall