Nobody does pantomime like The Chameleons. A bright splash of colour, a healthy sprinkle of comedy, tonnes of energy and it all adds to up a wonderful world of family entertainment. By the same magical token, there is no pantomime quite like Cinderella. The ultimate rags to riches fairytale that capture the hearts of everyone from the youngest fairy to the ugliest sister! The Chameleons co-cordially invite you to join Cinderella, Prince Charming, Buttons and a host of other characters on a truly magical journey! The Chameleons Pantomime is now a firm favourite with the local community priding itself on the perfect blend of traditional family entertainment, spectacular scenes and of value for money!

This year we are pulling out all the stops for this the ultimate fairy tale with the Chameleons touch. Once again we offer up a script written by members of the society so yes s bound to be a few surprises during two and a half (including interval) hours of quality entertainment.

The production team is in place and already hard at work. Robert Spolander, an experienced Chameleons director returns to take the reigns and is joined once again by a production team bursting with talent.

The cast


...Ben Parker
Buttons... ...Stuart Everett
Cinderella... ...Hannah Bain
Bishamina Bovine... ...Steve Angus
Boshamina Bovine... ...Ginge Anderson
Anne Bowes... ...Gemma Holloway
Prince Charming... ...Donna Dempsey
Dandini... ...Helen Stevens
Fairy Godmother... ...Arlette Kamellard
Madame Bovine.... ...Jeanette Hutchinson
King... ...Les Elliott
Queen... ...Joan Munday
Players... ...Catherine Waters
...Kat Priest
...Caroline Banks
...Madeleine Spolander


Thursday 8th May 2008: 7.30pm
Friday 9th May 2008:   7.30pm
Saturday 10th May 2008: 2.30pm
Saturday 10th May 2008: 7.30pm

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