“The island of Manhattan derives its name from its earliest inhabitants - the Manhattan Indians. They were a peaceful tribe, setting traps, fishing, hunting. And there was a custom among them. Every July when the heat and the humidity on the island became unbearable, they would send their wives and children away for the summer, up the river to the cooler highlands, or if they could afford it, to the seashore. The husbands of course, would remain behind on the steaming island to attend to business - setting traps, fishing, and hunting. Actually, our story has nothing whatsoever to do with Indians. It plays 500 years later. We only brought up the subject to show you that in all that time, nothing has changed. Manhattan husbands still send their wives and kids away for the summer and they still remain behind in the steaming city to attend to business, setting traps, fishing, and hunting. Now we want you to meet a typical Manhattan husband whose family is leaving for the summer...”

from Billy Wilder's “The Seven Year Itch”, 1955

The cast:

Richard Sherman

Den O'Brien

Helen Sherman

Helen Stevens

Miss Morris

Helen Downer

Dr Brubaker

Robert Spolander

Tom MacKenzie

Geoffrey Coad

Richard's Conscience

Craig Marshall

The Girl's conscience/ Pat

Joan Munday

The girl

Jane Copley
Marie-whatever her name-is
Esra Lewis



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