We’re off to see the Wizard…

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

By L. Frank Baum

Adapted by Frank Gabrielson

                With Music and Lyrics of the MGM motion picture score by Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harbug

Background Music by Herbet Stothart

January 9th – 12th  2003 - Brent Town Hall, Wembley

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   CAST LIST     
    Aunt Em   Joan Munday       
  Joe (A Farmhand)   Simon Crowley       
  Uncle Henry   Les Elliot      
  Dorothy   Michelle Edwards      
  A Munchkin Farmer   Daryl Richards      
  Mayor of the Munchkins   Alex Forni      
  Sorceress of the North   Hannah Bain      
  Wicked Witch of the West   Linda Rawley      
  Scarecrow   Arlette Kamellard      
  Tin Woodsman   Stuart Everett      
  Cowardly Lion   Laurence Hutchinson       
  Private   Sinead Lay      
  First General   Cara Kumar       
  Oz Lady   Jane Copley      
  Lord Growlie   Geoffrey Coad      
  Gloria   Helen Stevens      
  Wizard of Oz   Jeremy Spolander      
  Sarah (First Witch)   Joan Munday      
  Mombi (Second Witch)   Juliet Edgar      
  Tibia's Head   Steve Smails      
  Tibia's Body   Simon Crowley      
  Servant   Steve Smails      
  Court Attendant (Ozmas)   Les Elliot      
  Barrister   Francesca Thakorlal      
  Coroner   Angela Mills      
  Ginge Anderson, Jane Copley, Simon Crowley, Steve Emery,   
  Gemma Holloway, Madeleine Spolander.     
  Munchkins/Jitterbugs/Emerald City dwellers   
  Ben Alvin, Sarah Bentley, Abby Browne, Cara Kumar, Caroline Lay, Sinead Lay,   
  Rachel McCarthy, Roann McCloskey, Pearl McVeigh, Simon Mills, Jennifer Quinn,   
  Genevieve Rogers, Sinead Rushe, Tejal Shah, Anna Smith, Sharina Taylor,   
  Talitah Taylor, Hannah Vandersluys, Seeta Varsani.  
  Behind the Scenes    
  Director   Robert Spolander  
  Musical Director   Janette Hutchinson  
  Choreographer   Hannah Bain   
  Dance Captain   Simon Crowley  
  Stage Manager   Chris Davies  
  Asst. Stage Manager   Stuart La Plain  
  Deputy Stage Manager   Charlie  
  Stage Crew   Friends of the Society  
  Production Manager   Robert Spolander  
  Properties Co-Ordinator   Simon Crowley  
  Assistants   Sarah Edwards  
  -   Minal Purohit  
  Special Props    Les Elliot  
  Costume Hire   Harlequins Costume Hire  
  Costume Design   Rachel Stevens  
  Costume Co-Ordinator   Helen Stevens  
  Other Costumes By   Josie Forni  
  -   Vera Hall  
  -   Liz McVeigh  
  Set Hire   Proscenium Ltd.  
  Flying   Flying by Foy  
  Operators   Craig Marshall  
  -   Ben Parker  
  Box Office Manager   Jillian Elliot  
  Assistants   Lynn Hoare  
  -   Stephen Smails  
  Front Of House Manager   John Garlick  
  Supported By   Friends of the Society  
  Lighting Design & Management   Andrew Bird  
  Sound   Alan Foss  
  Programme Design   Jeremy Spolander  
  Photographs   Craig Marshall  
  Many people have helped the society to put on this show and we extend our thanks to anyone omitted .
  from the above list  

Many thanks to all involved in another great show.
Thanks to Mark for the pictures above