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A sneak preview of the cast...you can read more in the show programme which will be available in the foyer before and after each performance.

Nikki Amory - Barbara Smith

Nikki joins the Chameleons as a guest performer from her usual society KLOS. Her previous musical credits include the chorus of South Pacific; with principle roles as ‘Erma' in Anything Goes, ‘Liane d'Exelmans' in GiGi, ‘Emily Arden' in State Fair and an appearance in Oh What a Lovely War ...

Catherine Waters - Mary Smith

When she was a little girl at primary school, Catherine would only ever read the Narrator's part – or dissolve into tears!  Something the teachers tried to avoid if at all possible… And now, here she is performing in her fourth play with The Chameleons - and each one different – a farce, a murder mystery, a comedy, and an historical drama...

Robert Spolander - John Smith

Yes, John Smith is back…and so is Robert! He has repeated a role before but is delighted to have the chance to revisit a character facing new problems caused by his own old mess! That said, he can't help but have a fondness for this London cabbie, despite his faults...

Steve Angus - Stanley Gardner

How can you age almost two decades in just two years? Simple: the magic of Theatre! Just two years ago I had the privilege of playing twenty-something bumbling idiot Stanley Gardener in "Run for your Wife". Now I play forty-something bumbling idiot Stanley Gardener in "Caught in the Net"...

Stuart Everett - Dad

Stuart disgraces the stage once more for the Chameleons. Stuart is a life member of the group who has appeared in numerous productions over the years playing everything from a delusional upper class twit, a 15 year old schoolboy (in short trousers) and a sleazy carpet salesman...

Jason Kosky - Gavin Smith

This is Jason's first production with The Chameleons after a nine year sabbatical, during which he has gained a degree and worked in the entertainment business, albeit as a manager of his local Blockbuster rather than the West End Stage...

Craig Marshall - Director

Since directing “Run For Your Wife”, for which the cast were NODA nominated, Craig has been hounding us to take on the sequel that you are seeing today. In the meantime though, he has appeared for us in two pantomimes and has directed an adaptation of Terry Pratchet's “Wyrd Sisters” for us...

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