About the show

Do you find life stressful? Do you wonder where the time goes? Ever wondered how you manage to juggle your time? Well, meet John Smith, an ordinary London Cab Driver - with a secret! Then meet Mary Smith and Barbara Smith - his loving wives! Two wives I hear you ask? How does he do it? On a very tight schedule that's how. But then...something happens to the schedule and bang...the fun really starts!

Join us for this hilarious comedy penned by the undisputed King of farce, Ray Cooney. The show was a huge success for Cooney with a nine year run in the West End and The Chameleons are proud to perform the show for the second time some thirteen years after its last success. Watch out for nuns, transvestites, policemen and side splitting gags galore.

Performance details

Performances took place at the United Reformed Church, Wembley, on:

Thursday 10th May 2007 @ 7.30pm
Friday 11th May 2007 @ 7.30pm
Saturday 12th May 2007 @ 2.30pm
Saturday 12th May 2007 @ 7.30pm

The Cast

John Smith - Robert Spolander
Robert's dedication to drama knows no bounds. When he heard about this role he even got engaged in order to understand the role that little bit better. But in all seriousness...actually, no let's not have any seriousness, in fact Robert want to use this spot to hope that you all have a really fun night. Laugh, laugh and then laugh some more. For those who would like to know more, Robert is a newly installed life member of the society and also our current Production Manager which accounts for the receeding hair line so he says. As many of you know, Rob will be only too happy to wax lyrical in the local pub after the show!
Mary Smith - Hannah Bain
Hannah comes straight off the back of playing Lady Chartreuse - Snow White's evil stepmother - and the experience of people booing her on stage was something she thoroughly enjoyed. She is looking forward to doing a comedy again as her favourite role to date is JCF - 31 - 333 in Comic Potential. Also, Hannah's first ever play for Chameleons - 7 years ago - was a Ray Cooney farce and he is fast becoming one of her favourite playwrights. Outside of her love of Drama, Hannah works for the International division of Faith Shoes and is surrounded by shoes all day long!!!!!
Barbara Smith - Michelle Edwards
Michelle has found the experience of playing Barbara somewhat confusing, as her boyfriend is playing the gay neighbour upstairs (Bobby Franklyn) and her onstage husband, Robert Spolander (John Smith) is not only engaged to a fellow Chameleon, but also played Michelle's boyfriend in the last play, Play On! (Well they do say that real life is often just as strange as fiction!) Outside of the am-dram world, Michelle is approaching the end of her gap year and is going to follow in her mother's footsteps to study Music at university in September
Stanley Gardner - Steve Angus
"Old accountants never die - they only smell that way..." As the saying goes With Steve's preferred hobby as a Kamikaze Pilot an abject failure, towards the end of 2006 he found himself at a bit of a loose end. Like a beacon of light cutting through a very dark thingy came an invitation to the Chameleon's 40th Anniversary bash Mixing with such luminaries as Jim Snell Esq. he realised that his old friends had not got any more attractive; only older. So he thought he would give the boards one more go... He hopes you enjoy watching as much as the cast enjoyed rehearsing. This really is a very funny show!!!
DS Troughton - Alex Ryde
Alex has been performing in musical theatre since 2000 and has been fortunate enough to play roles such as Oscar Lindquist (Sweet Charity), Seymour Krelbourn (Little Shop of Horrors), and Nanki-Poo (The Mikado). Having performed with 13 different groups in London and Hertfordshire (including Kenton Light Operatics Society, Wembley Operatics Society, Elstree Productions, Welwyn Thalians, and Cuffley Operatics Society), Alex's roaming has earned him the light-hearted title of 'Society Whore', which is quite fitting for this show. Run For Your Wife marks his debut with The Chameleons. He hopes you enjoy the show.
DS Porterhouse - Stephen Smails
Stephen has reached cult status with his impeccable sense (?) of timing and his recent successes in representing the clergy on stage. Whether it be the bobbing Vicar in Snow White or the Rev. Canon Chasuble in The Importance of Being Earnest, Stephen just can't seem to get out of the habit. So, he is delighted to be able to switch uniforms for this production and join the world of crime fighting. Previous credits include an Ugly Sister (Snow White), Lester Trainsmith (Comic Potential) and Everett in Crazy for You (Wembley Operatic).
Bobby Franklyn - Alex Forni
This is Alex's second acting role in a Chameleons play, his first being Eric Burling in An Inspector Calls. There couldn't be a bigger contrast!!! Alex has found it challenging but fun, going from the confused, dark mind of Eric to the bubbly, vivacious, colourful personality of Bobby. Alex hopes to study Acting at a degree level, and can already add an invitation to participate in a professional international street theatre festival in Poland to his credit! Not bad for a 19 year old!
The Reporter - Helen Downer
Helen is either a woman of many talents or else someone with the attention span of a sesame seed, as she has to be involved in several things at once to keep her occupied! When not rehearsing, Helen is often to be found reading, organising and rehearsing for music concerts, having adventures in obscure parts of London or mucking about with her brothers. She is currently involved in a project initiative to bring sport to underprivileged youth, which is ironic, because she has no interest or talent in sport at all. She is off to university in September.