Murdered to Death

Sherlock HolmesMiss MarpleHercules Poirot… the list of great murder sleuths goes on. And now, let us introduce you to another name…Inspector Pratt!

Yes you read that correctly! Here he comes to save the day... or is that his reputation... as the Chameleons proudly present:

by Peter Gordon

Directed by Geoffrey Coad

This hilarious comedy is from the writer of Out of Focus and co-writer of Murder in Company and it proves to be a corker. Inspector Pratt (see,you’re laughing already!) is called to a country home to deal with the cold-blooded murder of the lady of the house…eventually he finds the front door! Yes, very soon we find he’ll struggle to fight his way out of a paper bag let alone solve this crime.

He isn’t alone of course, a trusty Constable at his side, struggling to make sense of it all…and stay alive! The suspects? Well, there’s plenty and all in true whodunnit style! There’s a society girl, a retired colonel, a french art dealer and a drunken butler to name but a few. All have skeletons in their closets and none are what they seem. Doors crash; accusations, accents, and terrible puns fly and hilarity results as the Inspector desperately struggles to hold on to the case…not to mention his sanity!

A full cast are being put through their paces as we speak, so if you need a giggle there’s only one thing for it…buy those tickets!

Where and when?

To be performed at
The Kingsland Hall,
United Reformed Church, East Lane, Wembley.
September 16th - 18th 2004


Mildred:Joan Munday
Dorothy, companion and housekeeper to Mildred: Michelle Edwards
Bunting, the butler: Dennis O'Brien
Colonel Charles Craddock: Steve Smails
Margaret Craddock, his wife: Nichole Lyster
Pierre Marceau, a French art dealer: Robert Spolander
Elizabeth Hartley-Trumpington, a very high society: Linda Everett
Joan Maple: Janette Hutchinson
Inspector Pratt: Stuart Everett
Constable Thompkins: Craig Marshall

Other Information

To get a sneak preview, buy the script from Amazon

This amateur production is presented by arrangement with Josef Weinberger Limited