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A comedy by Graham Holliday,

19th to 22nd May 2011

at the Kingsland Hall, United Reformed Church,

East Lane, Wembley, HA9 7NN (Map).

Thursday 19th May 7.30pm
Friday 20th May 7.30pm
Saturday 21st May 7.30pm
Sunday 22nd May 5.00pm

Part of the Barnet & District Drama Festival for 2011

The Chameleons are delighted to present to you this bittersweet comedy about The Shellsfoot Thespians, an amateur dramatics group about to embark on their biggest challenge yet, Shakespeare! And which of his great plays have they decided to perform, only Macbeth! I mean the Scottish play!!!  Surrounded in superstition, Macbeth (err…the Scottish play) has some members frightened to refer it (even by its title) without spinning around three times and spitting!

Michael, the show’s director, is the driving force behind the project and determined the show will be a success, regardless of budget, society politics or relationships. Soon enough the trouble begins. Will he regret not casting Committee leader Geraldine as Lady Macbeth? Will his boss Les Dye stop him making his dreams come true? Will the curse of Macbeth (I mean the Scottish Play!!!!!, BLAST!) affect the show and his personal life?

The show ran from Thursday 19th – Sunday 22nd of May 2011 at The Kingsland Hall, United Reformed Church, East Lane, Wembley HA9 7NN.


Michael Stuart Everett
Lynne, his wife Catherine Waters
Frank  Robert Spolander
Alan Ian Byrne
Barnaby/Eric  Ben Parker
Geraldine Simone Lee-Tyrassek
Sally Karen Deehan
Fiona Rachel Simpson
Mary/ Jackie ... Kat Priest
Les Dye ... Stephen Smailes
Director ... Nikki Amory