Dangerous Corner
by JB Priestley
Directed by Sally Crowley

Thanks to all involved in another great show!

"Life's got a lot of dangerous corners if you don't chose your route well"

Fresh from the success of Dick Whittington and his Wonderful cat, The Chameleons returned to world of the dramatic play and where better to return to than J.B. Priestley. Many of you will of course know of the all time favourite An Inspector Calls by the same skilful English playwright. Dangerous Corner is from the same series of plays, sometimes referred to as the time plays and equally compelling.
Jane, Rob, and Janette in action.

The play's pedigree is unquestioned, as a society we waited patiently for its amateur release. It arrived on our stage fresh from a year's run in the west end featuring, amongst others, Dervla Kiwan (Ballykissangel, The Deputy) and playing to critical acclaim.

The action centres on a dinner party with what appears to be a tight knit group of friends, relatives and partners in a publishing firm. When an outsider in the form of one of their authors arrives (Janette Hutchinson) she opens a box of well-kept secrets from the past. Robert Caplain (Robert Spolander), our staunch host, is determined to get to the bottom of the mysteries surrounding the death of his brother. Is he wise too? Will he regret opening a can of worms? Where will it end? All these questions and more were answered in night of intrigue, high emotion and confessions.

Where and when?

Dangerous Corner
Performed at
The Kingsland Hall,
United Reformed Church, East Lane, Wembley.
May 6th - 8th 2004


Freda Caplan - Helen Stevens
Miss Mockridge - Janette Hutchinson
Betty Whitehouse - Hannah Bain
Olwen Peel - Jane Copley
Charles Stanton - Stuart Everett
Gordon Whitehouse - Simon Crowley
Robert Caplan - Robert Spolander


Stage Manager - Geoffrey Coad
Properties - Linda Everett

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