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Theatre is a community event. The production and performance of theatre can bring people together: all ages, all cultures, all walks of life.

There’s no connection like people can get to theatre– we all watch TV and movies, but the process of watching, or even acting in a play, brings people together. Our pantomimes have, in the past, brought several thousand people together over a weekend, and have been an important part of life in the area.
At the moment, this way of life is more and more threatened by the modern world; people don’t have time to rehearse, to perform, or to do all the necessary backstage roles inherent in putting on a play.

We’re not able to perform at the scale that we once did due to many reasons: lack of local government support; changes in lifestyle meaning people are less able to commit to shows; professionalisation of theatre by big organisations; competition by Netflix and a thousand other types of entertainment.

We need your help to make sure we can introduce a new generation to theatre and promote the love of theatre for years to come.

Why we need your help.

  • Widening Participation: we want to make cost irrelevant for our potential audience, and encourage those that would not normally be able to attend the theatre. By supporting us, we will be able to make more tickets available for free to local charities and organisations. Previously, we have been able to make tickets available to local homeless charities, children’s charities, retirement homes, and hospices.
  • One-off-projects: we often need equipment for a production- for example, we often hire lights or microphones, which has some large expense. We would like to be able to update some of our equipment, and pay for the costs of storage of this equipment.

  • Every Chameleon needs a home! A long term dream: We’d like to work with other local groups and organisations to find a place of our own. Recently, the costs of hiring even council owned theatres means it’s very difficult to stage large productions, and finding a more permanent home would mean more stability for the group, and better productions.

How can I help?

A marvellous thing you can do is to continue to support us by coming to see our shows! We’re also always welcome to new members, so if you want to come act, help backstage, or front of house, we’d love to hear from you.

Our Friends Scheme!

Friends of the Chameleons
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If you can do so, why not become a regular supporter of The Chameleons- you get free tickets, invites to special events, and other wonderful benefits. We have a number of different levels of support with various perks, starting from just one pound a month.

  • Supporter (donations from £1 per month): Your name in our programme!
  • Patron (donations from £2 per month): As above, but also an invite to our society meetings, and an annual patrons event.
  • Friend (donations from £3 per month): As above, but also a free ticket to one of our productions once per year.
  • Friends for Two (donations from £5 per month): As above, but two free tickets to one of our productions.
  • Best Friends (donations from £8 per month): As above, but a ticket to everything we do. Free!
  • Best Friends for Two (donations from £10 per month): As above, but two free tickets to everything we do.
  • The Chairman’s Table (donations from £15 per month) We’ll not only give you everything our Best Friends for two get, but we’ll take you out for a slap up meal with out chairman (or nominated representative) once per year. He/She (or his/her nominated representative) will shower you with thanks, drinks, food, and you’ll get to have a constructive conversation about how we can make theatre better.
Level  Name in programme Invite to annual
patrons event
Free Tickets Chairman’s
Monthly Annual


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(Two people at same address)

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1 per year

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Friends for Two

2 per year

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Best Friends

1 for each show (approx 3 shows per year)

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Best Friends for Two

2 for each show (approx 3 shows per year)

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The Chairman’s Table

2 for each show (approx 3 shows per year)

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How to join up.

Just click the relevant link above to sign up! If you would like to pay via cheque or bank transfer, please contact us at
We also are very happy to accept one-off donations; drop us an email at, or call us on 020 8123 6443 for more details.