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Just 88 days ago we sat down to read the script for Verdict for this first time. Fast forward to today and we’re putting the finishing touches to the production ready to welcome you all. Yes, in just one week the doors will open at St Erconwalds Church Hall and The Chameleons will enter the wonderful world of Agatha Christie. We’re  incredibly proud of all the work our voluntary cast have put in over the last twelve and a half weeks alongside their busy working lives and we hope you’ll enjoy the fruits of their labour.

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Verdict – Meet more of the cast

In the run up to opening night of Verdict we’re delighted to be introducing you to more of our incredible cast hard at work preparing the show..

Anya Hendyk, played by Catherine Waters lives in constant pain. Every day, a little more. Nevertheless, deep below the surface, lies the woman Karl Hendryk fell in love with. He can see this even when she cannot. Just what will become of her with the arrival of the young, pretty and dangerous student Helen Rollander played by Samantha Poulter-Ings?

Catherine has been a part of The Chameleons since 2006, regularly appearing in productions, be they dramatic: Les Liaisons Dangereuses, Pack of Lies, comedic: ‘Allo ‘Allo, Hi De Hi, or the all-encompassing panto: Pug, Wishee Washee.
Catherine enjoys all things Agatha Christie, so when Verdict was chosen, she knew she would like to be a part of it again, having previously played the part of Mrs Roper in a production by another local company she belongs to, The Good Companions.

Outside of theatreland, Catherine can be found teaching children of varying ages, and when not doing that, partaking in her hobby of photography.

Next up, it’s the turn of that meddling maid Mrs Roper played by Janet Davis. When she’s not pocketing the family possessions she’s got half an eye on their private lives. Just what part will she play in this unfolding drama? Come along and find out with two evening performance and a Sunday matinee.

Janet has been involved with Amdram for many years not just on stage but also with lighting, costumes, stage management, directing and so much more. She has known the Chameleons for many years assisting on many of of our Pantomimes, this will be her 3rd play with the group (previously Les Liasons Dangereuses, It Runs in the Family) and she is enjoying every minute. As she says “What is there not to like when having fun with friends and ending with a wonderfully finished play.” She hopes you all enjoy our Production of ‘Verdict’ as much as we have enjoyed rehearsing for it. See you at the show!

Now it’s the turn of socialite Helen Rollander, played by Samantha Ings. Helen has always had everything she’s ever wanted. For daddy, Sir William Rollander, money is no object but the question is, has it all been good for her? When she breezes in to our world, what she wants is Professor Karl Hendryk and she’s prepared to do anything she can do to get him. Is she capable though of deadly actions to get him?

Sam has been a member of The Chameleons since 2011 with her first on stage role being that of Alice in Dick Whittington (our next production!). Since then she has played mythical creatures, school boys, Noda nominated Panto princesses and principal boys, as well as more sensible roles like Hero in Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing”.

She is delighted to be back on stage, playing Helen Rollander, after a very long 3 years, particularly having seen 2 of her own students (
hit the professional stages in the last year! She is loving being able to practice what she preaches once again!

Moving on we come to second of our doubling up performers as we introduce you to Sir William Rollander and Inspector Ogden, both played by Laurie Marks.

Sir William is confident, dedicated to his daughter and of course extremely rich. Will his plan to please her have desired affect?

Inspector Ogden is determined to get to the bottom of this murder. He’s not concerned for familiarities and happy to call a spade a spade.

Laurie joined the Chameleons in 2017 to play a cricketer with a blistered finger in Outside Edge and has been in most of their productions since. He has played Malvolio in Twelfth Night, Algernon in The Importance of Being Earnest, Barry in Hi-de-Hi and a henchwolf, an evil magician and a good King in various pantomimes, among others.

He has performed in musicals with nearby societies ROS (Scrooge’s nephew in Scrooge) and WOS (Aldolpho in The Drowsy Chaperone). He has also appeared in more than twenty Gilbert and Sullivan productions, and directed three.

In real life he is a solicitor so reaching a “Verdict” shouldn’t be too unfamiliar.

Just two cast members left to introduce you all to for Verdict by Agatha Christie and the next is that of Lisa Koletsky played by Rachel Spolander.

A trained physicist, Lisa devotes her time to caring for her cousin Anya who lives in constant pain. It’s dedication of the highest order but at what cost? The arrival of Helen Rolander turns life upside down in their tiny Bloomsbury flat and leaves us all wondering just what is in store for Lisa. The “Verdict’ is out on that one so you’ll need to come and see the show to find out!

Is it really 12 months since Rachel (with bump) played our Vicar of Dibley? Eliza Jean, nearly 8 months old, has very kindly loaned mummy back to us with thanks in no small part to a range of awesome babysitters. Rachel began her Chameleons career 12 years ago and, from humble beginnings as a Snail, has gone on to play a variety of roles of all kinds. Geraldine Granger and her chocolate addiction has seen her collect her second Noda district award for best female in a play following on from that of Miriam in Outside Edge in 2017. Away from the stage, Rachel is about to go back to Primary School teaching after her maternity leave …just in time for the summer holidays!

Stay tuned for the last of our reveals coming shortly!

Verdict – Meet the Cast

As the days tick by towards the opening of this compelling drama, we are delighted to begin to introduce you a band of players. Today, the spotlight falls on two cast members but three roles. Don’t worry, all will be explained.

First up, we are delighted to welcome back Cassidy Campbell playing the dual roles of Lester Coke and Sergeant Pearce. Lester, is a young student full of hope for the future. He has so much to learn and is eager to begin. Under the tutelage of Professor Hendryk his book learning will come on in leaps and bounds but what of life itself?

As for Police Sergeant Pearce, learning might be something of a stretch. Nonetheless he’ll stick by Professor Ogden’s side through thick and thin. Cassidy studied Performing Arts at Northbrook College where he took part in productions of ‘The Blue Room’, ‘Mother’s Courage’ & ‘Sparkleshark’. The latter was performed at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Next up it’s Chirag Goyaté in the role of Doctor Stoner, the faithful family practitioner. House calls are no trouble for this physician who’, like Chirag, is really part of the family these days. What that does mean is he’s not afraid to call a spade a spade and give the Professor some much needed home truths along the way. Can he make him see some sense? Only time will tell.

Since his introduction to the world of stage performance in 2012, Chirag has immersed himself in the world of Performing Arts. Whether it’s Panto, play or compilation, he’s right there on or off-stage with something to contribute to the group. His previous roles include Panto dames, Shakespearean bachelors, swingers and pompous cricketers. Rather suitably for the role, he currently works in healthcare as well as private education and entertaining at local care homes.

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