Pygmalion – The Radio Play

Hello theatre fans! It has been a while hasn’t it? Right now our first priority is to see our members, patrons and loyal supporters safe and well, so that means not taking to the stage just yet. What it doesn’t stop us doing is entertaining you all and that’s exactly what we’re going to do with our radio play of the George Bernard Shaw classic Pygmalion.

This month, for one night only via Zoom, The Chameleons bring you the tale of Eliza Doolitle (Rachel Spolander),  a humble flower girl. Join us for the events that follow her chance encounter with Colonel Pickering (Simon Crowley) and Professor Higgins(Robert Spolander) in the markets of Covent Garden. Can this stubborn Professor of Phonetics win his wager and transform this squashed cabbage leaf into a Duchess? If he can, what does the future hold for Eliza or indeed for her father Alfred (Charlie Wakely), the liveliest of dustmen? 
Shaw’s play, written in 1912 and brought to the screen in 1938 forms the basis of the well known Lerner and Loewe musical, My Fair Lady. Although our play doesn’t contain singing, ‘with a little bit of luck’, you’ll enjoy familiar dialogue and witty conversation in our abridged production.  
The show is completely free to listen to on the night.. All we ask of you to enjoy this experience is to make a donation to help the group continue to produce shows in the future. How do you do so? Well that’s nice and easy. You just click here: (changing the number at the end to your preferred donation)
To listen to the show on the night go to

Cast List

Pickering – Simon Crowley

Mrs Eynsford Hill – Minal Purohit Robson

Clara Eynsford Hill – Katie Higgins

Bystander – Stuart Everett

Freddy – Laurie Marks

Eliza – Rachel Spolander

Higgins – Robert Spolander

Mrs Pearce / Sarcastic Bystander/Maid – Catherine Waters

Doolittle – Charlie Wakely

Mrs Higgins – Janette Hutchinson