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Verdict – Meet the Cast

As the days tick by towards the opening of this compelling drama, we are delighted to begin to introduce you a band of players. Today, the spotlight falls on two cast members but three roles. Don’t worry, all will be explained.

First up, we are delighted to welcome back Cassidy Campbell playing the dual roles of Lester Coke and Sergeant Pearce. Lester, is a young student full of hope for the future. He has so much to learn and is eager to begin. Under the tutelage of Professor Hendryk his book learning will come on in leaps and bounds but what of life itself?

As for Police Sergeant Pearce, learning might be something of a stretch. Nonetheless he’ll stick by Professor Ogden’s side through thick and thin. Cassidy studied Performing Arts at Northbrook College where he took part in productions of ‘The Blue Room’, ‘Mother’s Courage’ & ‘Sparkleshark’. The latter was performed at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Next up it’s Chirag Goyaté in the role of Doctor Stoner, the faithful family practitioner. House calls are no trouble for this physician who’, like Chirag, is really part of the family these days. What that does mean is he’s not afraid to call a spade a spade and give the Professor some much needed home truths along the way. Can he make him see some sense? Only time will tell.

Since his introduction to the world of stage performance in 2012, Chirag has immersed himself in the world of Performing Arts. Whether it’s Panto, play or compilation, he’s right there on or off-stage with something to contribute to the group. His previous roles include Panto dames, Shakespearean bachelors, swingers and pompous cricketers. Rather suitably for the role, he currently works in healthcare as well as private education and entertaining at local care homes.

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Box Office Open! Verdict by Agatha Christie.

Karl Hendryk (Stuart Everett) , a brilliant professor, attends to his wife Anya (Catherine Waters), an invalid suffering from a progressive disease. When Karl is forced to take on a new and dangerously attractive student (Sam Ings), tensions rise in this claustrophobic flat in Bloomsbury. Lisa Koletsky (Rachel Spolander), Anya’s cousin and live in helper, does all she can to persuade Karl to see life through practical eyes but at what cost? Can anyone be truly incorruptible and what is the ultimate price for a man of unyielding principals? When murder is committed, is the Verdict really in the hands of the jury?

Performance are as follows:

7th July 7.45pm
8th July 7.45pm
9th July 2.30pm

Tickets available here are priced as follows:

£12.50 Concessions
£14.00 Full Price

Just two shows left!

What a great opening night! Here are just some of the reviews so far…

It’s Saturday and that means if you aren’t working a chance to relax, enjoy yourself and see The Vicar of Dibley at 7:45 tonight!

Here’s just a few of the reviews so far…

“great casting”

“really enjoyed. Please thank cast and crew for me”


“thank you soooo much for telling me about the show. Amazing. Loads of fun and lots of laughter. Perfect start to my weekend “

“Great off the ball work, hilarious scenes and superb timing”

Don’t just take their words for it, grab those tickets whilst you still can at — feeling fantastic.