Box Office Open! Verdict by Agatha Christie.

Karl Hendryk (Stuart Everett) , a brilliant professor, attends to his wife Anya (Catherine Waters), an invalid suffering from a progressive disease. When Karl is forced to take on a new and dangerously attractive student (Sam Ings), tensions rise in this claustrophobic flat in Bloomsbury. Lisa Koletsky (Rachel Spolander), Anya’s cousin and live in helper, does all she can to persuade Karl to see life through practical eyes but at what cost? Can anyone be truly incorruptible and what is the ultimate price for a man of unyielding principals? When murder is committed, is the Verdict really in the hands of the jury?

Performance are as follows:

7th July 7.45pm
8th July 7.45pm
9th July 2.30pm

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£12.50 Concessions
£14.00 Full Price